This Dodge van was donated to the church several years ago. It was not in very good shape at the time the church recieved it, in fact some wondered if the motor would run very long. Jesus has really blessed the church with this van. It still runs just as good as ever or maybe even better now. It is used for bringing people to church and back again. Plus it is used to run clothing back and forth for the Lord's Warehouse.
As you can see tornadoes have a lot of fun with vehicles. This was setting at albany back last year (2005) when Albany Missouri had a bad hale storm. Then a week later a tornado went threw and completey lifted and roll his van over like nothing was there. Do to the fact that it had several miles on it. This van was sold for scrap, and curtly we do not have a van to replace it.
A local person had a lot of fun painting the murals on the side, and we called it The Jesus Joy Bus.
This bus here is our old faithful. This bus was donated to the church several years ago and just keeps on running. Of course it always needs a little repair. This bus is used pretty often for running clothes and furniture around for the Lord's Warehouse. The Lord's Warehouse just recieved a donation of a 12 ft. enclosed cargo trailer, which will be pulled by this van. It has been all the way to Oklahoma City, OK delievering clothes, several times. And to Kansas City MO with clothes several times as well. The praise and worship team use this bus to transport sound equipment and people, to their musicial performances. This bus has been used to transport youth to Kansas City, MO to Acuire the Fire performances. The Black Van as we call it, is also used to transport Thanksgiving Bounty Baskets to needy families in our area. Bounty Baskets are delievered to people the sunday before Thanksgiving.
This is from the Lord!.

Our pastor was given a vision for this ministry. A traveling music ministry to reach out from ourselves, our church to a lost and dieing nation. Our group has traveled to a few places, lead by the Lord. One session was lead into a healing service, an other was lead into a very important praise and worship time, and an other was for a grand revivial. A few of the places included Polo, Missouri; Leon Iowa; and Martinsville, MO
This ministry is always waiting for God to lead them to other churches and places of ministry. An other vision was to go visit with local people who live in FHA housing to do puppit shows , skits, and plays about God's saving grace named Jesus. If you felt lead by God to have this ministry at your place of worship, Please let us know!
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