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This is a small town of about 300 people. There’s not much for the kids to do outside of school and not a lot of means to do things with. This year, we started a new ministry called “Kingdom Kids”.
Kingdom Kids meet once a week after school. It includes kids ages 5— 13. We average about 10 kids every week. That’s not bad for a small town.
We open every meeting with prayer. It has never been more clear that prayer is “caught” rather than “taught”. As we prayed over these children each week, they began to pray over themselves and each other. They pray with the boldness and total belief of a child. What awesome things we all could accomplish if we would pray as a child.
We have worship time where we talk about and demonstrate the different ways you can worship God and explain that if it comes from the heart, it is pleasing to God. The kids sing, dance, and make a joyful noise to the Lord.
We break into two groups for Bible study. The younger kids get practical hands-on explanations of Biblical principles and lessons that they can easily identify with their own lives. The older kids really get into the “meat” of the Bible. They delve into it and ask questions.
What would any kids club be without a craft time?! So we have a time to create things or play together. Sometimes our craft will illustrate something from the Bible. Other times, our craft will be just for fun.
We also try to expose children to things they might not normally think of. For instance, they got a demonstration on panning for gold. They get to go fishing. There are plans to teach them something about raising, riding and showing horses. All these things are done in partnership with people in our community. We do this to strengthen the bonds between the community, the church, and the children.
Two children in particular come to mind. These two are what Kingdom Kids is all about. When they started coming, they didn’t speak and tried their best to remain unnoticed. They had been made fun of and put down because of their physical challenges, but you could still see a flicker of the spirit inside them crying to get out. After three months of Kingdom Kids, they speak out not only at our club, but also at school. They sing and dance with such joy! That flicker we saw when they started coming has become an all out blaze.
Kingdom Kids is all about the children. We give them a place to hang out playing pool, air hockey, skee-ball, etc.
We give them a safe place to ask questions about God and get Biblical answers. We also show them God wants them to have fun. God wants all of us to enjoy the journey to Heaven — not just “get there”. Most of all, we show them how God loves them no matter what. He loves them just as they are. He will never leave them no matter what storms enter their lives. They are learning at their young ages that they can fully rely on God and that he has a purpose for them now and in the future
Kingdom Kids after school all started with Vacation Bible School that was held the first week in August 2005.
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