History of the
New Hampton Christian Church!

History of the New Hampton Christian Church

In 1880, Hamptonville, MO changed its name to New Hampton MO, and as yet not having a railroad nor much other signs of civilization, was pretty much a rough and lawless place. Elder W. H. Hook who lived in Bethany, MO after surveying the new town’s plight He decided Christianity was a very badly needed here.  And with this in mind conducted a revival here in Waggoner Hall in 1882, with such successful results of the Christian church was formed at the close of the meeting.

Our Earlier records are sketchy but we believe that one of the first ministers to the church was brother Jasper Coffee. other ministers of the early era were J.D. Oxford, brother H. W . Myrick a blacksmith, brother Hook, J.D. McClure, then brother Myrick return and his was the last long pastorate here until brother Alsup’s.

About this time the Central Christian College at Albany MO was functioning, and three of its president's Gantz, Powell, and Pinkerton occupied the pulpit here several times and brother Abbot, of the state board of missions visited at times.

Brother Alsup’s term began here in 1904 and lasted until 1929, except for two brief periods, One in Illinois and other Oklahoma. He was followed by brother Gillihan whose pastorate was ended by the great depression in 1934, and the church was without a minister for two years. In 1936, the finances were such that brother Hedges excepted a call to minister here and through his efforts, and the ladies council helped the financial woes were solved. In 1957 brother hedge felt that he had served his Lord  in an official capacity long enough and retired..  Brother Geo Manning of Albany then filled internment for the church until a permanent pastor could be called.  In 1958, brother Earl Leadbetter answer this call and served until 1963. Also in 1958,  the church bought a house at the corner of Market and Washington Street.  Brother Leadbetter was the first minister to live in the church's first parsonage. In1963Bro. Leadbetter left to answer another call and brother Richard Thomas who had been preaching on a part-time basis, accepted our call to full-time minister.  Misfortune fell upon Thomas and the congregation on Sunday morning Dec. 21st 1969 just at the close of services the parsonage caught on fire and their things including church records were destroyed. Another property to two blocks west of the original parsonage, remodel it and brother Thomas moved into resided there until his departure in May 1972.  Brother Leadbetter then again accepted our call for help and return to the church in June 1972 at this time is still filling quite active ministry here.

The original building was started in 1885, 24 by 36 feet and completed the following year and was declared the debt three.  This original building was moved back and what is now the main sanctuary was added to the front, we believe in 1907.  The dining hall was added to the rear the building in 1956. With the acquisition of the two parsonages and expansion of the church building the church was still debit free.  We feel that Lord has been very rich in his blessings to the church and it is our intentions that the church serve him.

The Christian Church of Hampton MO was first organized by Elder W. H. Hook of Bethany, MO in 1882 with the following members I. N. Carson and  wife, J. K. Thomas, John M. Ducan and wife, Mrs. L. K. Willey, Mrs. Harriet Headington, Mrs. Nellie Yeater, R. P. Holloway and wife, Russell Patton, E. N. Cuddy, S. C. Ducan, N.C. Shrimpkin, Cha. McCoy and wife, Adelia Shrimpkin Frank Elliott A..J. Waggoner and wife, James Clawson and wife, and Adelia Powers.

The organization was the immediate outgrowth of a series of meeting held by Elder Hook during which a great religious interest was awakened in the community.

The meetings was held in Waggoner Hall and Elder Hook continued to preach to the congregation as opportunity permitted. Fire destroyed the Hall in 1883 and, as they could, the congregation met in a building near where Cover’s Garage now stands.  Occasional services were held at by Elder's J.D. Oxford, Jasper E. Coffee, W. H.. Richardson.

In the winter of 1884, Elders A.I. Myhr, Missouri State Evangelist, and H. W. B. Myrick of Gentryville MO, conducted another meeting which was very successful and its conclusion that foundation decided to re-organized, build a church, and retain brother as pastor for one-fourth time.

Some of members in the new congregation were;  J. H. Anslyne, and wife, Lou Anslyne, R. P. Holloway and wife, L. Headington and wife, A. J. Waggoner and wife, Dr. M H. Eades, Chas McCoy and wife, A. J. Savier and wife, Anna B. Savier, Mrs. B. Ryan, Mrs. Elizabeth Ricketts, Mrs. George Merideth, I. N. Carson and wife, S. C. Ducan, L. J. Arbuckle, and Ruben Foltzs Sr. and wife.

The first board chosen by the organization as follows; Deacons I. N. Carlson and M. H. Eades,  Elder’s; J. H. Anslyne and Chas. McCoy.

In 1885, J. H. Anslyne, Chas. McCoy Dr. M. H. Eades, In N. Carlson, Wm. Headington, and George Merideth were named the building committee.  And during the year the church 24 by 36 feet was built, not seated.  A revival meeting held in it in that fall or winter, with planks for seats, conducted by pastor broke bro. Myrick assisted by either Bro. Otto or Myhr. (Record not definite).

The new church were seated and dedicated in 1886 by brother Myrick at a cost of about $1000 and as he expressed it, debt three.

The auxiliaries that had been discontinued when the Hall burned were resumed in 1885 and, after the second organization of the church brother Myrick was retained as pastor for 1/4 time and Sunday school and communion services were held each Lord’s Day.  About 1904, Bro. J. T. Alsup was called for 1/2 time, some years later for full-time, and full-time preaching was maintained until 1928.

As the Congregation grew and the church prospered, more room was needed in the present building was erected 1907, in 1908, dedicated May 11 1908 under the pastorate of Bro. Alsup, Elder Geo. B. Snively conducting the services.

The church basement, furnace and other improvements was were added in 1923 and the dedicatory service was held Sunday Dec. 19th , 1923.  Michell, the pastor Bro. Geo. Burch.

Some of the pastor to serve the church were W. H. Hook, H. W.B. Myrick, J. D. McClure, Leason, Green, Harness, R. L. Pierce, J. T. Alsup, Dixon, E. F. Mitchell, (1922-1924) W. D. Gillespie (1925-1927) J. T. Alsup, also who had previously served many years (1928-1929) F. D. Gillihan (1930-1934) and O.D. Hedges, present pastor began in June 1936.

Of the evangelist to the held means, I.A. Meyer, Ewing Reynolds, W. H. Williams, Otto, Berry, J.P. Jesse, Granesville, Morgan Morgans, G. W. Cottingham, G. W. Kitchin, and Clemens are remembered and there may have been others.

Marion Stevenson, a member of the staff of the Christian Board of Publications, St. Louis,  conducted a ten day Sunday School Institute over 30 years ago, but its influence continuous.

Some of the Sunday school superintendents, I. N. Carson, A. E. Martin, H. B.  Taylor, M. A.  Higgins, J. S. McGee, W. a. Denny, C. W. Jones, H. B. Henton, Mrs. J. G.  Wilson, F. M. Rhodes, E. F. Moore, W. G.  Noble, Mrs. Effie ward, and the president Jas. G. McGee

The missionary society was probably organized by Mrs. W. A. Denny, was one of the presidents, and others include Mrs. J. G. Wilson, J. S. McGee, Mrs. Delia Johnson, and present Mrs. Leia Funk.

The woman's council, the formerly the ladies aid, has always been the active arm the church, ladies interested in its work, and the maintenance of the building is well.  The earliest members included Mesdames Wm. Headington, L. K. Wiley, Elizabeth Merideth, Susan Waggoner, and Lucy Coral who were charter members of the first ladies aid.  Since their time, the majority of women of the church have been taken an active part of work.  The present president is Mrs. J.  B. Chipp, and Vice President, Mrs. Sheila Ross.

Of the pastor serving the longest periods, H. W. B. Myrick, J. T. Alsup, and O. D. Hedges have each ministered to the church many years.

Some of members who served the church is officially for 25 years longer are R. F. Holloway, Beuben Foltz, Sr. J. S. McGee, the president A. F. Chipp,. E. T. Kidwell, C. T. McGee, W. G. Noble, and F. M. Rhodes.

Present board are as follows. 

Trustees:  A. F. Chipp
       W. G. Noble
       A. E. Kidwell 

Deacons:  Fred Ward                                         Richard Grun
       Buford Hill                                          C. T. McGee
       Roy D. Hill                                         Edward Lee Cox
       C. R. Noble                                        G. W. Weed
       J. G. McGee                                      Wayne Carter
       Frank Christie                                     Ray Christie
       Ivan Clark                                           W. S. Cover

Elder's:     Dr. R. L. Grun                                    A E. Kidwell
       E. F. Moore                                        F. M. Rhodes
       W. G. Noble                                       J. D. Chipp

This record compiled from various histories, newspaper accounts and persons have been acquainted with the church and community for many years, and is, we think, correct.

Credit given to Goodspeed History of Harrison County, Wanamaker History of Harrison County,
Hampton Herold, Mrs. Susan Waggoner, Frank and Laura Holloway, Edith and Mrs. Ducan,
Mrs. Anna Pierce, A. V. Hill, Chas. Johnson, R.N. Funk, and others for information furnished.

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