Business meeting June 17th 2006

eleven board members present
visitors Kern and Nate Peters, Burt Chumbly

Charlene Browning opening prayer

new items added to agenda
ACE Christian school program
Burt Chumbly interested in buying property from church
church Van
Paul’s trip to Austria

Burt Chumbly expressed interest in trying to buy property from the church which would be located north and the east of the church. He was interested in buying property to build house on and made an offer to purchase such property.

Philip read secretaries report
corrections made from last months business meeting, relay for life was not taking donations for Christian center and for the lords warehouse but the frontier holidays would be getting donations to these ministries. Otherwise Secretary report approved as read.

Tim treasures report
Tim West reported that the copier service plan had been taking care of And there would be no charge for the initial Setup. Cost for the service plan of the $29 per month. Tim also reported that Taylor’s bill for doing the work on the Christian center and on the church a year ago had still not been paid, this is due to the fact that the church had not received a bill until just recently, and this was due to the owner’s death. Tim also reported that the propane for the Christian church and the Christian center had not yet been contracted. Mike Browning chairman reported that he knew of locations to purchase lessened books from that would be better quality and cheaper price then we’re currently using. No more discussion, treasures report approved.

Mike Browning chairman proposed an idea to sell both van’s, and to buy one good used van. It was reported that the black bus only got five to 8 mpg on gasoline. Tom reported that
his pickup got about 12 miles to the gallon pulling trailer. Philip was elected to check Internet searching for prices used van. Paul and J.D. volunteered to check prices locally. It was reported that the blue bus does run good but has an freeze leak.
Rose Kinkade makes a motion to giveaway blue bus, to fix freeze leak and bless someone else with this bus, as a seed for different one. After Rick Smith second motion, motion passes.

Charlene Browning makes a motion to table spending discussion on the nine ministries until the budget is finished. Jacqueline Spurgeon second motion. Motion passes.

Paul Drummond stated to the board members that he was not interested in a vehicle for himself but would rather donate money to the ministry to get the ministry started.

Carry Peters gave Christian center report. Kingdom kids had doubled in attendance sense having been started. Supplies have been donated. Movie night had about 20 people attending. And she had been categorizing books for the library. Repairs that needed to be done include a leaky
faucet. Needing to get a price quoted for the cleaning of carpet. Carry also reported about having a family day at the Christian center, and this would be held July 15-2 p.m. to this would tie-in with a barbecue and the movie night.
Pastor Rick Smith makes motion to have water park, Jacqueline Spurgeon. Motion approved. End of report.

By law amendment.
The proposal to add letter J. To the nine ministries. This letter J. Would be a ministry to include funeral home meals, fellowship meeting dinners, and other food ministries. This proposal was read. And would be voted upon at the next meeting, which would be this meeting July 10, 2006

It was reported that Brother Paul would be leaving on a trip for ten days. Charlene Browning makes motion to take up an offering to help Brother Paul with traveling expenses. Jacqueline Spurgeon second motion. Motion passes. Pastor Rick would be giving the first sermon, Mary Garcia would be giving second summon. Mike Browning would make arrangements for Mary Garcia at hotel for the night.

ACE Christian school, Mike Browning chairman has been praying about the pro and cons, and feels like we should continue to check into the Christian school program. Charlene Browning and Paul Drummond gave a verbal report about the special meeting held June 6, 2006. Paul stated he had been collecting information about the schools usage of electricity, water, trash, propane etc.
Tim West makes motion to visit schools of the area that are ready doing this program pastor Rick Smith D. Blanton second motion. Motion passes. Kern Peters is to call and make appointments for time to make visits.

Discussion about selling lot across from church, north east from church. Bert Chumbly may offer of 1500 dollars to purchase lot from church. Pastor Rick makes motion to take offer from Burt Chumbly, Rose Kinkade second motion. Motion passes. Included in motion church pays title insurance, Burt pays recording fee. Charlene Browning makes motion that No survey would be included, survey cost would be paid by Burt Chumbly. Dee Blanton seconds motion, motion approved.
Jacqueline Spurgeon is finding a trip to Omaha Zoo. Would be taking five persons for cost of $150. Twenty dollars per person. Jacqueline Spurgeon makes motion to take out $150 for trip to Omaha Zoo. Tim West second motion. Motion passes.

Paul Drummond closing statement, Lord thank you’

Meeting adjourned.

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